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How to change environmental conditions for health.



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Promoting a healthy lifestyle is not only a matter of encouraging individual changes. In many cases, especially in relation to socioeconomic health inequities (SEGV), a healthy lifestyle is influenced by environmental factors. The environment involves the physical environment and the social environment. Health promotors have a wealth of evidence-based methods for individual change, but evidence-based methods for environmental changes are not empirically or theoretically grounded. In this project we will make an inventory of theory- and evidence-based methods for changing environmental factors. We will interview two types of experts in the US and in Europe. The first group are experts in disciplines such as political science, policy and administration, management sciences, organizational psychology, marketing, sociology, antropology, social work, and others. We will explore what their theories may contribute to health promotion methods. The second group are experts from practice: health promotors that have been using methods for changes in environmental factors. We will analyze the theoretical background of their interventions. The project will result in a workbook (+ CD/DVD) for health promotors, summarizing theory- and evidence-based methods for environmental changes.



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Looptijd: 100 %
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