Intensive interference of Turkish and Moroccan patients with psychic, psychosomatic and social problems in general practice


Samenvatting van de aanvraag
Psychich problems have a high prevalence among ethnic minorities in deprived areas. Often they do not receive the apporpriate care on time, due to amongst others communication problems and cultural differences. In this project an intervention and evaluation aimed at reducing these problems in general practice is proposed. The intervention consists of an intensive interference of a peer educator in general practice in the care for patients with psychic, social and psychosocial problems aiming at improved mutual understanding of the problems by patient and GP, improved coping by the patient and improved support in the process of care. Concrete actions of the peer educator are individual consultations with the patient, making of a treatment plan, consultations with peer educator, GP and patient and accompanying of the patient to social work, mental health care or fysiotherapist. A randomised controlled trial in which practices are randomised is proposed to assess the effect of the intervention on the psychic well-being of the patient.
Onderdeel van programma:
Projectleider en penvoerder:
Dr. M.C.H. Donker
Verantwoordelijke organisatie:
GGD Rotterdam Rijnmond