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A national co-ordinated local juvenile health monitor to support local and national policy on preventive juvenile health.



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To improve juvenile health status, it's of great importance that both the scope of juvenile health problems and the effectiveness of juvenile healthcare interventions are understood.. The project envisages to support this by two objectives: 1. The establishment of a fully-functional national system for monitoring the state of juvenile health, based on local data collection by youth health care departments (JGZ) of GGDs. 2. The improvement of exchange between municipalities and JGZ of information on interventions that have successfully been implemented at a local level, or that have led to improvements in juvenile health. For this purpose guidelines for a local juvenile health monitor will be established. Also a national infrastructure for local epidemiological data exchange will be developed. Attention will be given to both implementation of the guidelines and exchange of data by the JGZ agencies. The second objective will be met by inventories on local JGZ interventions. These interventions will be entered into an intranet knowledge base for the GGD's. Publications on successful interventions will be disseminated. The project will provide a unique form of support to JGZ agencies, who will receive the instruments to enhance the quality of local data collection, but also of the deployment of successful interventions. The system proposed for the exchange of data on juvenile health will be useful both locally and nationally.



Looptijd: 100%
Looptijd: 100 %
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Projectleider en penvoerder:
Drs. R.J. Beuse
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KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation