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SOLIDNESS - Surveillance Of mobiLome meDiated aNtibiotic rEsiStance Spread

Mobile genetic elements (MGEs) play a central role in horizontal gene transfer and are among the main drivers of antibiotic resistance and virulence spread. Molecular characterization of MGEs is essential for a better understanding of the dissemination of antibiotic resistance. Sequence-based analysis techniques are often used for this purpose. In this project, it became clear that when characterizing MGEs, researchers must weigh the costs/turnaround time and the accuracy of the results. However, only by combined analyzes of the data generated by short- and long-fragment sequencing technologies will they produce results that will include all the MGEs of a specific bacterium. Since sequencing protocols and subsequent bioinformatics tools used to characterize MGEs significantly influence the (quality of the) final results and their interpretation, further standardization of both will facilitate a reliable detection, characterization, and surveillance of MGEs.


Titel: SOLIDNESS - Surveillance Of mobiLome meDiated aNtibiotic rEsiStance Spread
Auteur: Natacha Couto, John W. Rossen, project leaders on behalf of the SOLIDNESS network
Titel: Hybrid assemblies for complete and accurate bacterial plasmid assembly – is it still necessary?
Auteur: Natacha Couto, Ana Carolina C. Campos, Erwin C. Raangs, Silvia García-Cobos, Nathália L. Andrade, Ana Cláudia P. Rosa, Paulo V. Damasco, Alex W. Friedrich, Monika Chlebowicz, João A. Carriço, John W. Rossen, SOLIDNESS Network
Titel: Virulence and resistance properties of E. coli isolated from urine samples of hospitalized patients in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – The role of mobile genetic elements
Auteur: Ana Carolina da Cruz Campos, Natacha Couto, Nathalia Lucas da Silva Andrade, Alex W. Friedrich, Ana Claudia de Paula Rosa, Paulo Vieira Damasco, Monika A. Chlebowicz-Fliss, John W.A. Rossen, the SOLIDNESS Working Group1
Magazine: International Journal of Medical Microbiology



Looptijd: 100%
Looptijd: 100 %
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Prof. dr. J.W.A. Rossen PhD
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Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen