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Training 'Education on Health and Child-Raising' for highly educated refugees. Search for conditions for a successful design, development and pilot of the training, development of (insights in) criteria for structural implementation



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SUMMARY In this pilot project we intend to connect two issues: 1. the need for adequate health and child-raising education for refugees and asylum seekers and 2. making use of highly educated refugees. Together with representatives of the target groups and experts in the field of education, we will define and develop a short but intensive training, in which highly educated refugees will be trained to become a health and/or chil-raising educator. For the final target group this means that they will receive linguistically and culturally appropriate education. For the trained refugees it means that they get the opportunity to use their capacities in a fruitful way. Secondly this course is meant to function for them as a stepping stone to a professional career in the Netherlands. The project will be supported with research (Delphi method in orientation phase and evaluation in the final phase). The project is product and process-oriented. There will also be a strong emphasis on feasability of the project and possibilities/conditions for future (national) implementation.



Looptijd: 100%
Looptijd: 100 %
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Drs. P.M. Haastrecht
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