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Workshop Synthesis of Evidence door Syrcle bij het LUMC - 13 december 2017


2017 Ronde Kennisinfrastructuur (in huis workshop 'Synthesis of Evidence'): De doelstelling van de workshop is om onderzoekers kennis te laten maken met en handvatten tegeven voor het kunnen doen van een Systematic Review. Deze doelstelling is met de workshopbereikt.


Samenvatting van de aanvraag

In clinical research, a systematic review is already common practice. In the field of animal experimentation, however, systematic reviews are still rather uncommon, even though recent publications have shown that they have several important advantages. For example, systematic reviews may help improve the scientific quality of animal experiments, they may prevent unnecessary (duplication of) experiments and they may improve the translation of animal data to the clinic, thereby increasing patient safety. In addition, meta-analyses provide quantitative summaries of the results of the animal studies on a certain topic and may result in new insights without having to use new animals. In this workshop, LUMC researchers will be introduced to the concept of systematic reviews of animal studies. Both the advantages and the limitations of systematic reviews will be discussed. Moreover, they will get the opportunity to actually practice the steps of which systematic reviews typically consist. Through this practical experience they will get a good idea about the added value of systematic reviews and about the possibilities and efforts needed for conducting such a review in your own field of research.



Looptijd: 100%
Looptijd: 100 %
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Prof. dr. ir. J.B. Prins
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Leiden University Medical Center