Applied research into how hospital-based nurses use their professional autonomy in nursing decision-making: the caseof micturition care (ARMICA)

In today's healthcare environment, it is challenging for nurses to provide high-quality person-centred care. Strengthening nurses' professional autonomy is needed, which can be done by further implementing the principles of Evidence Based Practice. Nurses then use scientific knowledge, experiential knowledge and patient preferences to provide physical, psychosocial and relational care in collaboration with other professionals.

This research project, conducted by professionals from a hospital and two universities of applied sciences, focuses on the implementation of nursing professional autonomy around urinary catheter care. Data in this study is obtained through questionnaires, action research and file research. The results of this research project contribute to increasing the quality of nursing care and person-centred care in nursing departments and also to developing and disseminating knowledge on change and learning.


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Duration: 38%
Duration: 38 %
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Project lead and secretary:
drs. A.G. Bussink-Legters MSc
Responsible organisation:
Gelre Ziekenhuizen

Fundamentals of care

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