CONTROL: COme aNd Take the pROfessional Lead

Fundamental care is still failing to be delivered because of lack of control over nursing practice (CNP). CNP and autonomy are important steppingstones for nurses to influence decisions about their own practice and organization of care. Both are associated with professional practice environments that result in improved patient outcomes and nurse wellbeing, crucial for future proof care.

This project will strengthen nurses to develop control over their own nursing practice by taking the lead in EBP according to two prioritized fundamental care themes: pain and sleep, based on action research. Two hospital nursing teams will be involved for 6 months. The teams will have bi-weekly meetings to discuss their experiences and progress under expert guidance. At the end a process and effect evaluation will be done. Products that will be delivered will are Evidence Based nursing care plans (pain and sleep) and a CNP approach which can be used for other subject or by other nursing teams.


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Duration: 33%
Duration: 33 %
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Project lead and secretary:
prof. dr. Vermeulen
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Radboud Universitair Medisch Centrum

Fundamentals of care

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