Healthy Living in Utrecht after (minor) Stroke (HeLiUS)

Two thirds (minor) stroke survivors are discharged home straight from hospital. They often do not experience major consequences, but problems may rise once they return home. Furthermore, we know that stroke survivors are at risk for recurrent stroke, particularly when lifestyle habits are detrimental to their health. People with minor stroke report finding it difficult to access the support and care in their own community. Patients do not know which professional they can go to with questions. Finding support to make necessary lifestyle changes is even more difficult.


This project aims to improve the care and support for people with minor stroke in region Utrecht. In collaboration with the existing network (MMNU) the following questions will be addressed: how can the collaboration of the professionals in the MMNU network be improved to create a clear and visible care pathway for people with minor stroke? How can a digital environment facilitate this collaboration between professionals?


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Duration: 52%
Duration: 52 %
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Project lead and secretary:
Jacqueline Outermans
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Hogeschool Utrecht

Kennisvergroting en onderzoek

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