Nurses in the Lead – Nursing Leadership and Autonomy in Function Focused Care in Hospital


Function focused care (FCC) is a proven effective intervention for promoting patients’ physical functioning and mobility. However, implementation is hampered by the way nurses ‘take the lead’ in applying FFC and the interprofessional collaboration.

Therefore, we focus in a co-design approach on strengthening nursing leadership and autonomy in the application of FCC.

We developed 2 work packages:

  • identifying determinants strategies for successful application of FCC and nurse leadership, among others by introducing nurse champions
  • evaluating their effect on the application of FCC in a before-after study with quantitative and qualitative methods

With this, our project will provide a tailor-made education plan with materials for training to promote nurse leadership and autonomy and the application of FCC in care through nurse leadership that can be scaled up and spread to other hospitals or long-term care facilities.


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Duration: 1 %
Duration: 1 %
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Project lead and secretary:
dr. W.G. Ista
Responsible organisation:
Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum

Fundamentals of care

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