Optimizing the deployment of nurse champions to prevent and manage pressure ulcers in-hospital: the CHAMPION study

Pressure ulcers (PU) are an ongoing concern in hospitals and nursing homes. PU are painful and discomforting for the patients, enhancing the workload for nurses and increase costs. Nurse champions are therefore appointed in many settings with dedicated time to improve prevention and treatment of PU. However, the effectiveness of nurse champions could be improved.

In a controlled before-after study in two hospitals we will randomize 4 ICU wards, 4 surgical wards and 4 medical wards into a control arm and an intervention arm. The intervention will involve a training program including personal coaching for nurse champions to improve their knowledge about PU, improve self-management support of patients, enhance their leadership, autonomy and control over own work. If successful, this type of training program could be expanded to other settings and other nurse sensitive outcomes.


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Duration: 37%
Duration: 37 %
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prof. dr. L Schoonhoven
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Erasmus Medisch Centrum

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