Structured Transmural Educational and Evidence-based Responsibilities In Nursing Geriatric Advance Care Planning (STEERING ACP)

Advance care planning

Advance care planning (ACP) is an evidence-based intervention that can contribute to improving quality of life and preventing unwanted transitions between care settings in the last phase of life. It is important that ACP is conducted timely, preferably before an acute situation occurs. Nevertheless, many older people are still acutely admitted to the Acute Geriatric Community Hospital without ACP being conducted before.

Responsibilities for nurses

In addition, ACP is now mainly conducted by physicians in the AGCH, while parts of ACP can be applied by nurses. That is why the nurses of the AGCH feel the need to develop a structured, interprofessional transmural approach with clear roles and responsibilities for nurses.

Aim of this project

The aim of this project is to adapt this intervention to the local situation and to implement and evaluate.


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Duration: 37%
Duration: 37 %
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Project lead and secretary:
M. van Rijn PhD
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Amsterdam UMC Locatie VUmc

Fundamentals of care

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