Viruses in the night: bat virus dynamics in the Netherlands in relation to human-bat interactions

The diversity of bat viruses is enormous and several of the viruses are known or suspected to be zoonotic. Besides some baseline knowledge there is little knowledge in the Netherlands and world-wide on the epidemiology of virus infections in bat populations, while this affects human exposure to bat viruses.


We therefore aim to characterize the between- and within-host dynamics of viruses in bat populations in the Netherlands in relationship to bat-human interactions.

Approach/working method

We will characterize the epidemiology of virus infections in a bat colony, routes of virus excretion in bats, and certain human activities with presumed potential for bat contact.

(Expected) results

Based on this knowledge of between- and within-host determinants of prevalence, spread and excretion of viruses in bat populations, and human exposure to bat viruses, we will enhance guidance to reduce human exposure to bat viruses while improving conservation of bats (Figure 1).

Het verloop van te ondernemen stappen in vleermuisonderzoek


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Duration: 10 %
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Prof. Dr. T. Kuiken
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Erasmus Medisch Centrum